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Lithium Aerials is a heavily experienced, drone centric, aerial cinematography team, servicing the film and TV industry. Our crews have worked globally, on countless films, TV shows, and commercials. .

Through the art of aerial cinematography, Lithium Aerials brings a creative and exciting perspective to film making.

Through years of hands-on experience with aerial platforms and an inherent sense of creativity, Lithium delivers breathtaking cinematic visuals.

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Quality & Technology

Technology Lithium has and continues to make substantial financial investments to ensure we are utilizing the most cutting edge and reliable aerial platforms on the market.

Safety & Assurance Lithium Aerials is FAA Certified, TSA, and D.O.T. Approved.

We also carry a $5,000,000 blanket insurance policy. We can easily add your company or production as an additional insured in a timely manner.

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    Michael Gumbrecht. Producer DJI Creative Studio/ Blind Content.

    An absolutely professional company that I can trust. I can always rely on UAV to have the proper paperwork in order, and pull off any aerial shot we request.

    Jeremy Weiss. Creative Director, DJI.

    I have had the opportunity to work with many different service providers in the ever expanding aerial cinematography field. Many have come from an RC background, and are very technically skilled. The guys at UAVantage are different in that they come from artistic backgrounds. While they have all of the certifications and technical skills required for a professional service provider, it is their keen sense of the art of cinematography, and aerial cinematography in particular, that sets them apart. Aaron excels at being able to capture my vision to a T; but his real value comes from when I ask for his creative input. He is able to suggest shots I hadn’t thought of, and those often make our final cuts. He’s able to anticipate an obstacle to achieving a shot I had requested; and beyond just letting me know the challenge or issue, he is ready with a solution. This saves valuable time and energy on a set. He is also a real pleasure to be around and work with. I’m looking forward to collaborating more with Aaron and UAVantage on future projects.

    Eric Ulbrich. Director of Photography at Flyspeed Camera.

    Working with UAVantage has been fantastic. The knowledge and skill that Aaron and team brings to the table gives cinematographers and filmmakers the ability to capture visually striking aerials with top notch equipment. As someone who’s life revolves around making images, I feel confident that I’ll always get the shot with UAVantage.

    Christoph Tallerico. Video Producer at DJI Creative Studio.

    UAVAntage is my go-to for any aerial cinematography. Aaron is a highly professional pilot with a good eye, strong piloting skills, and a thorough understanding of all aspects of drone cinematography. Every team he has assembled on my projects have gone above and beyond to capture spectacular aerials.

    Bennett Cerf. Local 600 Director of Photography

    Working with UAV on set is always smooth. They’re always prepared for unlikely eventualities and from the first time we worked together, we already had a shorthand for communicating the shot in minutes.

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